Speaking of the Ultra Boost sneaker, no one in the youth is unaware of the beloved “child” of Adidas. This is always the highest rated product in the collection and is improving more and more in terms of materials and flexibility for users.

First launched in late February 2015, the Ultra Boost sneaker quickly became the flagship generation of Adidas. Sneaker is considered as the best running shoe that the company has launched, accompanied by outstanding features, beautiful design, …

Although, up to now, Adidas has reformed and launched many different Ultra Boosts (6 versions by 2020), but not all shoe enthusiasts will know about this product line.

So what are Ultra Boost shoes? Whether or not to buy Ultra Boost? … Join Tulo Shop to find the answer in the article below.


Ultra Boost Shoes – The fever in sports shoes and fashion

As everyone knows, Ultra Boost was first released in 2015, but in reality it is not around this time that Boost appears. That means, Adidas has integrated Boost cushioning technology for many of its other products.

But until combined with primeknit – the shoe body and cage system, supporting more foot lockdown, the new Ultra Boost is officially known more widely, becoming a fever in both sports shoes and fashion.

Highly appreciated by both fans and experts for the smoothness and comfort that Ultra Boost brings. Adidas has been developing this technology for six generations, and in each line there is a marked change, not only in design, style but also in the performance and feel it brings.

Ultra Boost 1.0


First on the market, Ultra Boost 1.0 quickly became a big craze when it came to modern technology and a top notch experience. Specifically:

  • The midsole bold base uses Boost technology, with thousands of energy balls inside to help restore energy to the user, thereby reducing fatigue and loss of mobility.
  • The body uses high-quality primeknit fabric, which creates elasticity of the foot, and provides ventilation and coolness when using sneakers.
  • Outsole outsole is designed according to stretch web, helping to support buffering, friction, grip and increase the beauty and rigidity of the shoe.

Ultra Boost 2.0


To version Ultra Boost 2.0 there are obvious differences compared to the first generation, in which can be mentioned:

  • Modification of a plastic cage with outsole outsole
  • Applying Torsion technology with Continental design to maximize friction, adhesion to road surface.
  • The upper part faithfully uses primeknit fabric to create ventilation for the user’s feet.

Should I buy Ultra Boost?

With the detailed information that christianinternationalcharities Shop provides above, surely to the question “Whether or not to buy Ultra Boost?” surely everyone has their own answer. For those who are still ambiguous, then let’s take a look at three of the greatest benefits you will get when using this sneaker line.

Ultra Boost has excellent support, high endurance

Thanks to Ultra Boost technology for the base, users will have the best experience when using the product. With activities running, hiking, gym, … or young people who often move a lot, … using this sport shoe will help restore great energy, thereby saving energy.

Besides, thanks to the continental outsole design, Ultra Boost can be used for 1-2 years without any damage or deformation. The shoe body uses high quality primeknit fabric so it does not fade, providing ventilation and retaining the original beauty.

The design is simple, light but no less subtle

Ultra Boost possesses a non-sexual beauty, thanks to a simple, light, yet luxurious, attractive design. The model is loved by both men and women, working to school, …

The product is easy to “balance team” in all styles and outfits, thereby helping users to easily coordinate outfits, asserting their aesthetics and personality.


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