The best sneaker cleaning kits


Shoe hygiene has always made sneakerheads a headache, in addition to the reputation and price of the product. The quality of that product always makes us wonder.

In addition to a few famous brands in the market, such as Jason Markk, Crep Protect or Reshoesvn8r. There are still very good quality brands and the use is not inferior to the above products. Today christianinternationalcharities will take a look at the best shoe cleaning kits in 2019.

Jason Markk

Jason Markk is a good and most popular sneaker hygiene brand today. Born in 2007 in Los Angeles, over the past 10 years, Jason has created a force in shoe cleaning when always at the top of the most purchased shoe cleaning products.


Reshoevn8r was born in 2010, with a variety and extremely good quality. Reshoevn8r’s brushes are very well developed, more durable and softer than the rest of the competition. The brand is also at the forefront of the development of shoe tree pairs to help prevent nose crease

Crep Protect

Born after Reshoevn8r (2012), but the influence and ability to compete with Jason of Crep is more than that of Reshoevn8r. Provide products that are not too different, but it is clear that Crep brings more interesting products. including: midsole paint pen, crack correction pen, Crep wipe rapid cleaning, … Many reviews suggest that Crep Protect has established an empire with many add on products from spray, wiping, paint pen, ..

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