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When Alphabounce is No. 2 in the line of running shoes, make sure that no opponent dares to “take the first place”. Because the design of Adidas Alphabounce was created in order to best support the user to maximize performance.

So Alphabounce shoes are full of “quality” so is its price too high for you to own or not? Join Tuloshop to learn more in the article below.

Adidas is one of the popular sports shoe brands today. Outstanding with outstanding innovations, eye-catching shoe design, great performance, a variety of colors, and especially an extremely affordable price.

Each generation of operating systems possesses these outstanding advantages. In today’s article christianinternationalcharities Shop wants to introduce everyone to the Adidas Alphabounce line and also answer the question of many young people today, which is “How much is the Adidas Alphabounce shoe in the market?”. Let’s find out now!

Before finding out the selling price of Adidas Alphabounce in the Vietnamese market. Do you know how many types this generation has?

Alphabounce Beyond

-adidas-alphabounce-c (1)
-adidas-alphabounce-c (1)

If you are looking for the perfect sneaker to satisfy your passion for running, heavy gym … then Alphabounce Beyond will be the perfect suggestion for you. This version possesses outstanding advantages and disadvantages such as:

Alphabounce beyond’s strengths

  • Using the new completely advanced mesh technology for the shoe body. Bring maximum comfort for users. Even if you use shoes continuously for many hours, it will not make you feel hot or mysterious.
  • Thanks to the high quality woven fabric, the shoes snugly snugly against the user’s feet without causing discomfort. Especially high elastic ability to fit the wearer’s legs.
  • Attractive color schemes, satisfying all types of customers. Even though you are a young person with a calm personality, who loves gentle tones; to young dynamic people who like hot and outstanding colors, … Alphabounce Beyond has it all.
  • Shoes incorporate Bounce technology for mid-cushion, support excellent ability to move, run, and walk. Compared with Ultra Boost, Bounce’s energy-return performance is only at the price but outstanding traction, shoe quality is also more stable after a long period of use.
  • Luxurious design, simple but no less refined with great performance. The product allows users to use in many different activities, fields, from going out, walking to sports, …

Alphabounce Beyond’s weaknesses

Some professional athletes rate that Alphabounce Beyond doesn’t have much support for the ankle. Therefore, during use they experience some discomfort.

alphabounce-beyond- (1)
alphabounce-beyond- (1)

Compared to its version, Alphabounce Beyond has significant improvements in both design and performance. Inheriting the quintessence of the seniors before, this sneaker model is “upgraded” both in experience and appearance. Promise will not let you down.

The outstanding features of Alphabounce beyond

  • Although it doesn’t use primeknit fabric or the smooth Boost sole, Alphabounce Beyond is still convincing enough for users thanks to its strong shoe form design.
  • Upper made of mesh should increase ventilation and best air exchange.
  • The big Adidas uses 2 heel pads on the sides with prominent tones as an accent for the sneaker.
  • The sole still uses Bounce technology but is reinforced and extended, supporting the stretching process, helping the legs feel comfortable during heavy and continuous exercise.
  • The sole of the shoe is machined with high quality Continental rubber, which helps to adhere to the very standard surface. Helps users peace of mind to drop the shape on any terrain.
  • The colors of this version are extremely diverse, suitable for both men and women. There are many outstanding colors such as moss green, black, light cream, core black, ash blue, …

What is Alphabounce beyond?

The power return is still not as high as the Ultra Boost sneaker lines.

adidas-alphabounce-beyond (1)
adidas-alphabounce-beyond (1)

If the version still doesn’t satisfy your needs, Alphabounce will be the ideal nomination not to be ignored. This version not only possesses a fancy and impressive design, but the base also adds Boost technology, which gives the best energy back to the user during use.

Advantages of Alphabounce

The Alphabounce shoe retains the outstanding advantages of its predecessor, which can be mentioned as: the shoe body is made of Aramis technology, improving the design of the product; although keeping the same material, the shoe shape changes to the Slip-On shape, making it easy to shape the foot mold; maximum support ability when playing sports, …

One of the big pluses that cannot be ignored of Alphabounce is the structure of the sole. In particular, the Continental frame technology remains the same, helping to limit the ability to resist slippery as well as assist users on all terrains. In addition, it also integrates Boost technology, which makes the shoe softer and softer. Every step is an experience.

Adidas Alphabounce shoe quality

Thông qua đánh giá riêng lẻ của từng phiên bản, christianinternationalcharities sẽ giúp bạn đọc có cái nhìn khách quan nhất về Adidas Alphabounce real và dòng replica.

Adidas Alphabounce real

  • The comfort of wearing shoes.
  • Stylish, impressive shoe design, not only is the Adidas Alphabounce running shoe, but also a suitable product for going out, traveling, going to work, …
  • Great performance, Adidas Alphabounce is suitable for long distance runs. exercise, gym as well as daily activities.
  • Shoe form fits, hugging the soles of the feet, comfortable stretchy fabric, supports a lot during use.
  • High air permeability, solving the hot tunnel, pressing, … of traditional sports shoes.
  • Diversity of models, designs as well as types.

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