For women, bags are …

If Coco Chanel once said, “A woman has no future without perfume” then perhaps she should also advise that a girl will never grow up without using a handbag. Like a Pandora-filled box of mystery, the bags are equally “dangerous” when a glance, an unconscious female touch on its smooth, shiny leather is enough to launch. like all of the most intense female lust and infatuation.


Descendant of Pandora

Handbag is the most majestic wonder in the world of luxury items. This is also the only item a woman can buy regardless of its “size”. In other words, whether a woman has gained a few kilograms or lost a dozen pounds, the bag fits perfectly every day on a woman’s arrogant arm. The bag is also the little lover of all ladies. This “lover” always knows how to satisfy women’s desires in the most skillful way without causing any pain or damage on the skin. While leather shoes no matter how beautiful they always torture women with bleeding steps like thousands of needles in their feet, a leather bag soothes women with the smoothness of the skin, with has the ability to honor the master as a queen.


Handbag is an indispensable paragraph in the speech that defines the style and interiority of the owner. Why women are crazy about handbags? Not because of pride in owning an expensive masterpiece, but because of the feeling it gives. The process of owning a high-quality leather bag is a series of strange feelings that anyone wants to taste once in their life. The first is the surprise when women enter a high-end handbag store. There, the premium bags dangling from the glass shelves are raising their defiant eyes at the customers.


Then the woman didn’t want to be just the “visitor” in this magical maze, she wanted to be the owner. Next was a warm stream running through her body as she swiped the card and the card was accepted. When that inheritance had safely reached the world of women, her heart beat once again as her hand flipped the wrapper to release the smell of leather, and a strong smell of glue spread throughout the room. It seems, women can even hear a song from the tinkling of a glowing gold-plated lock. This is also the time when women understand the difference between price and worth.

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